What is a DIY Virtual Art Learning
, and how does it work?

Our Virtual Art Learning Pod is a private online art lesson that can be used to supplement an existing learning pod or homeschool co-op. Consider it as if you had your own Lunch Table! We work with your schedule, and you choose the tasks that your pupils will enjoy. Our programs are taught entirely in real time by professors with graduate degrees in the arts. Participants are hands-on, engaged, and learn useful skills while exploring art history.


Material Kits are included in the price of $25 per lesson / each student (if required for the class)
A minimum of 8 students is required. What if you don't have all eight? You may pay the difference and continue to host your class.

Virtual Art Class Options

    Acrylic Painting:
    Rock It! Dot Painting Mandalas
    Naturally Abstract Acrylic Painting
    Drama Llama
    Good Enough to Eat
    Among the Wildflowers
    Paint Your Veggies
    Ocean Floor
    Sensational Scenes Watercolor Painting
    Technical Drawing:
    Strike a Pose! Figure Drawing
    Fashion Illustration:
    Intro to Fashion Design & Illustration
    How to Draw Princess Dresses
    Intro to Cartooning
    Frozen – A Winter Wonderland
    Order of the Brave Knights
    Little Mermaid & Sea Friends
    How to Draw a Princess
    Superhero Adventure
    Jewelry Making:
    Leathers & Feathers Jewelry
    Beading Basics
    Need 4 Beads Bracelets
    Chasing Rainbows Jewelry (Easy)
    Peace, Love & Rainbows Jewelry (Intermediate)
    Trendsetting Tassels
    Color Blocking
    Earring Extravaganza
    Beachy Beads
    Endless Earrings Beads (Easy)
    Loops, Links & Connections
    Bohemian Beading
    Creative Chevrons
    What Else Can We Do With Beads
    Polymer Clay Earrings
    Textiles & Fiber Arts
    Outer Space Embroidered Tote Bag
    Flower Power Tote Bag
    Dragonfly Wings Tees & Totes
    Over the Rainbow Tees & Totes
    Wool Felting:
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Felt Necklaces & Wall Hangings

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